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Jim Michaels


  • rate is $40/hr for non-seniors and $20/hr for seniors + parts + WA tax). If it's labor only, that's /hr for non-seniors, /hr for seniors.

To keep my overhead down and your costs down, computer repairs are done in my home office (call first).

By dropping your computer off to be fixed, it saves me travel time and you money.

If a fixed cost is not mentioned, rate is ($40/hr+parts)+WA tax. I am trying to be competetive.

When I need to Order Parts

Ordering Parts is necessary many times. Since my office is not huge, I operate on a JIT (Just In Time) basis.

This means when I need a part, then I order it or will pick it up at a computer store if I can get something decent. Ordering it means a minimum 3-day delay (unless you want to pay an extra $40-$96 for overnight shipping).

Parts availability Notices - what you and I can't get

  • windows vista recovery media
  • windows xp and xp recovery media. updates will be unavailable in 2014 it looks like.
  • windows 2000 and service packs are no longer available
  • windows NT in any version and service packs are no longer available (however, I have an official disc for NT4 SP6a with IE6 SP1 you can use on win98/me to upgrade the browser)
  • windows 98 and me and their updates are no longer available (however, I have an official disc for NT4 SP6a with IE6 SP1 you can use on win98/me to upgrade the browser)
  • windows 3.x is no longer available, although on a pentium motherboard with the max 32MiB it just pops!
  • motherboards no longer offer support for floppy drivers as of 2012
  • floppy drives. teac, mitsui, and hp seem to be the last to make floppy drives. you can't be picky. so use what you can get! these are the 3 best makers I think.
  • as of 2/2013, IDE/ATAPI/PATA DVD burners are no longer available on the market - except 1. WORKAROUND:
    • buy refurbished drive
    • 500GB drive+sata controller with BIOS and (?) win9x drivers
    • buy from computer recycling shops
    • buy from computer stores that still have them in stock while you still can!
    • (probably not work on windows 9x/me!) buy an external USB DVD burner. blu-ray doessn't work with xp abd below I hear.
    • buy a used computer, maybe off - although that may be the expensive way to do it, might cost upwards of $50
    • buy this one for $70 (way overpriced)?
  • as of 2012, motherboards no longer offer IDE/ATAPI/PATA
  • 32GiB drives are no longer avaliable for windows 98/me machines. see the table below for how to partition an existing smallest drive into chunks windows 98/me can use (no more than 24 letters!):
    windows 98/me maximum-sized GiB partitions for up to GB disk
    partition number partition size in GiB (×2^30 bytes) sum of size
    the maximum size usable by most windows 98 boxes will be about 127GiB due to the old BIOS and possibly the chipsets. usually it's the BIOS. if you are fortunate enough to have a BIOS update which fixes the problem, then you have a chance to fix the problem and use a bigger disk like a 500GB. chances are no. WORKAROUND: a refurbished 80 or 120GB drive might work just fine. motherboard which have the old 127GiB/137GB limits you can mitigate wmy installing a SATA CARD.


Our house is 13.5 blocks North of E Mill Plain on 87th Ave. if you know where the PeaceHealth/Southwest WA Hospital and the US Bank is on the corner is, that's where the house is.


House is green with the white boulders in the yard, streetlamp, and the yellow fire hydrant, and right now, it's got all dirt for a yard.

Parking is available on primarily 13th St. (the cul de sac, 2 cars max, usually UPS or neighbors uses 1 space). the main street is 87th Ave, an ambulance thoroughfare - don't park there, you can get a $500 ticket. speed here is 25MPH.

13th is on the right side of the house. Always call first before coming.

This is a Home Office. Our 2 parking spaces in front of our garage are for the most part not available, so Iwill usually ask you to park on 13th st (cul de sac South of our house).

Phone Hours
DayPhone Hours

By appointment only. Please call 360-521-2060 or email me.

If I am not available by phone, please leave me a voice mail and I will get back to you.



Quick info about me

I have been working with/inside computers and writing software for 30 years (and taking things apart and putting them back together for about 37), and have even made my own audio card and hard-wired a raw plasma monitor, keyboard, 1 sqft LED matrix display I made for showing address position to my own CP/M computer, and wrote some audio processing software for it when I was a hobbyist, and I wanted to get into embedded systems development.

I have designed and made by own circuits and circuit boards, and written (and still write) plenty of software in a number of computer languages and currently have about 50+ software projects.

Degrees and Certifications

I have the following certifications and degrees:

  • CompTIA A+ Certification for Computer Repair/Building Computers, Operating Systems
  • Bachelor's of Science Degree in Computer Systems Engineering at Oregon Institute of Technology, 1994
  • Associates of Applied Science Degree in Software Engineering Technology from Portland Community College on Aug 31, 1991
  • Supporting Microsoft Windows NT Server 3.5 Certification from Microsoft
  • Dynix/ptx Administration 1 Certification from Sequent (this was a flavor of UNIX for refrigerator & diswasher-sized servers)
  • Mastering Web Site Development Certification from Microsoft
  • Mastering MFC Development Using Visual C++ 5.0 Certification from Microsoft

My Service Area

My service area is Vancouver, Yacolt, Camas, Battle Ground, La Center, Ridgefield, Washougal in (Clark County) in WA. I can actually service anywhere in WA, but most people don't want to drive this far.

If you want me to come out to your place, you would have to provide transportation. I will bring:

  • tool bag (I call it my "doctor bag")
  • possibly the collection of tools cds/dvds which includes service packs
  • any parts I know I need (but if I don't know I need them yet, well, I will find that out later when I see the situation)

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