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Computer Repair Service


Computer Repair Service (Windows)

  • Optical Disc Repair
  • : fix the following unless it's a virus:
    • slow computer if it's clean
    • blue screen
    • black screen
    • can't use your machine anymore
  • +parts: Upgrade RAM (memory) to make computer faster
  • +parts: Hard Drive Upgrades (every 4-5 years)
  • Fix Filesystem: I will let you know if I think it needs it. takes 1/2hr to 1 hour. Many times users skip this step.
  • /hr Software Installation/Reinstallation
    • : Windows Installation/Repair(+media cost if needed)/Reformat (install service packs, drivers, updates, any software you have - bring it)
    • : Install and show you how to configure XAMPP [Virtual] Web Server for your web development/testing - prevents angry System Admins, unwanted web server downtime, and possible sanctions against your hosting account(s) (not necessary for blog or CMS like Joomla or Drupal unless you are designing your own templates and plugins). Approximately 5-step process.
    • : Install a popular flavor of Linux (I don't do dual-boots because to me that's risky)...
      • Ubuntu
      • Mint (enhancement of Ubuntu, comes on DVD rather than on cd)
      • Fedora
      • OpenSUSE if you have an older machine that has 256MB of memory (OpenSUSE 11.2)
  • Replacing Components
    • +parts: replace a video card, $20 if you already have it. I will have to qualify your Power Supply for the video card or you can do it yourself. rule of thumb:80W+20%+recommended PSU Watts for stability.
    • +parts: CD/DVD/BLU-RAY Drive Replacement on Desktops. Symptoms:
      • drive is 4-5 years old
      • pristine software refuses to install off of media, very slow or extremely slow to read media
      • pristine movies play with garbage or extremely slow or skip
      • pristine audio cd's won't play with your favorite program
      • just want to upgrade your drive to newer technology, e.g. lightscribe, DVD, DVD DL, Blu-Ray
    • +parts: upgrade or replace a hard drive
    • +parts: replace a floppy drive depending on type (can't make bootable cd's without one)
    • +parts: replace a power supply (I always recommend that you do not skimp on your power supply, but go with an 80 Plus Certified, I prefer Antec)
    • +parts: replace a network card, and install new drivers
    • : reinstall your software and drivers
  • : Yearly Preventative Maintenance (cleaning of cpu fins, fans, removing dirt clods which can make computers go crazy) on Desktops
  • Diagnosis
  • Networking (TCP/IP) to some degree - note that NETBEUI (9x/me file and printer sharing) is not routable.
  • +software: Upgrade Windows (if you provide software I don't have to purchase it)
  • free: point you to a dialup service that still works on windows 98
  • free (product is not):help someone get email who doesn't know about computers
  • : give your Desktop or laptop better wi-fi (wireless network access to your router or wireless modem - I use either Linksys WMP600N for PCI [130Mbps dual-band N]) or ASUS PCE-AC66 for PCI-e (802.11ac/n/b/g/a, 866Mbps max)
  • free: email you a link to a good box of certain kind of cd pens (black ultra fine point sharpies, don't use color)
  • parts+ fee: Order System Restore/Recovery Discs for your Major Vendor computer (Dell, HP, Acer, etc.) for peace of mind. You can generate these yourself with the software that's hopefully on your computer. I can generate these for you for /disc. XP Recovery Discs are no longer sellable by any major computer vendors due to Microsoft rules.
  • : Provide driver disc (per disc)
  • networking
    • train you on your router
    • reset your router, setup your router (need to know modem characteristics (DHCP or PPPoE+login info, any domain info)
    • can tell you if your router is bricked (hopefully not). just make sure you give the router 5 minutes to boot after a reset or power-up.
    • setup a network - you would need to bring the modem, router, and any other networking equipment, login info if your modem requires it (comes with your ISP welcome sheet).


  • /hr for computer repair + parts + WA tax. Senior Discounts of 50% on rate (/hr+parts+ WA tax). If it's labor only, that's for non-seniors, for seniors.

To keep my overhead down and your costs down, computer repairs are done in my home office (call first).

By dropping your computer off to be fixed, it saves me travel time and you money.

If a fixed cost is not mentioned, rate is $40/hr+tax. I am trying to be competetive.

When I need to Order Parts

Ordering Parts is necessary many times. Since my office is not huge, I operate on a JIT (Just In Time) basis.

This means when I need a part, then I order it or will pick it up at a computer store if I can get something decent. Ordering it means a minimum 3-day delay (unless you want to pay an extra $40-$96 for overnight shipping).