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Laptop Resources



This is the base page of the section of Desktop Resources.

The content you are looking for can be found via the navigation to your left ←. some of these folder index pages have content, but most like this one don't.

the Content in the navigation was meant to give DIY help to people looking to fix something on their Desktop.

I can usually fix both hardware and software problems on desktops.

  • connectivity issues
  • fix a software problem usually, either by reinstall or by tweaking something (bring the software discs and key)
  • reinstall a driver to make some non-functioning hardware work again
  • replace a dead wireless card or motherboard or other hardware
  • upgrade RAM
  • upgrade hard drive, possibly to faster (but more expensive) SSD - hard drives are scarce now due to shortage from thiland monsoonal flooding
  • upgrade OS (not something I recommend - usually there is a lack of required drivers to make things like USB and other stuff work)
  • make a batch file you can double-click to repair the filesystem(s) in the case of corruption over time or in case the computer is turned off hard
  • cleaning (solves problems with lockups and stability problems)
  • etc.