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Disc Repair Service



I will try to refer you to, a mail-order service, if possible (their Venmill machines won't remove any surface) for doing media/disc repairs until I can get a Venmill resurfacing machine someday. OR, if I remember to, I will try to ask you to order a replacement disc for about $10 from the software manufacturer. I have had customers complain that they want NO surface removed - I have an inexpensive solution for that that doesn't cost me $1-2k.

I didn't think any customer would be satisfied with the results I got, might have scratches left over, but disc should be readable. I don't recommend what I have right now. If you find your disc does not work still, please bring it back and I will try it again for free OR simply send them off to for a fee. I will always refer in preference to because of this because the venmill machines are excellent. if I still can't repair it, I still recommend you send it to If you want me do do the disc, you would need to schedule an appointment to come to my in-home office.

The SkipDr machines I bought can only service minor scratches, and I have learned how to use the machines. I keep liquid on them so as to avoid scratches. the motors overheat within 10 minutes and it takes hours to do a disc. so either I am going to have to spend $150-$275 to get a machine or I simply need to send all submissions through I have SkipDr and SkipDrx machines which service Blu-Ray, CD, DVD. is $3/side + USPS shipping if your speed and choice, but due to USPS land mail and shipping costs, return time, and such, it's up to around 22 days and $11.21 without tax (I need to add tax) for 1-sided, $14.21 for 2-sided without tax.

  • CD
  • DVD
  • Blu-Ray discs

I screen the discs that come through my business since currently it's a home-based business. no negative stuff please. no games. services every kind of disc including game discs. if you want to send it yourself, you can, their machines lose no surface unless for possibly deep scratches.

SkipDr/SkipDrx is a "sanding" machine (the technical term), which most of the disc repair machines are except for what venmill's/'s will usually use unless necessary.

about mail-order disc repair service is the mail-order consumer-disc-repair service arm of Venmmill industries. They use the wonderful Venmill machines, which at best remove no surface, although it is possible they can do sanding like most machines if absolutely needed.

for the most part, you can use this service on a particular disc over and over and over...

it can solve the xbox ring-of-death problem. They service Blu-ray,game, and ALL kinds of discs.

They charge $3 for single-sided disks and $6 for double-sided discs ($3/side) + USPS Shipping both ways + shipping time + applicable tax.

The alternative is to buy either a Venmill machine or buy a JFJ Easy Pro. pricing (3/27/2015)
Return mail first class USPS charged by (user choice) up to 11 days back
Mail first class USPS (user choice) up to 11 days one way
$3/side * disc repair service
$0.7152232 DVD Mailer from office supply store in packs of
$1.299716 DVD Cases in packs of
$0.9412148928Clark County, WA Sales tax at 8.4%

EXCELLENT Alternative to disc repair

I can also recommend that you call up the company that makes your software and request a replacement disc. you will probably need to give them your address and phone number and your license code and any other relevant info. it will probably cost about $10/disc or $20-50 for a disc set seems to be the going rate these days. shipping will probably take at least 3 days. give it some time and watch your mailbox.


You should request a replacement disc (see above) if your disc vibrates in the drive (bad thing for hard disks, causes soft bad sectors!) that means it is defective (unbalanced). that kind of disc needs to be replaced immediately.


  • writing labels: this works best when you have a disc sleeve available. put the disc data-side down on a clean/new disc sleeve, and write your label with a water-based cd pen (I discovered even the black Sharpies bleed through somewhat). holding the disc and writing the label I found out causes you to grip the disc firmly, which puts fingerprints on the disc, even if you are careful.
  • handle the disc only by the edges, gengerly/gently, or by edges and hub using your pinky finger
  • never lay the disc shiny green/purple/blue data side down directly on a table (label side is OK), but never more than 2 days (gathers dust, tables are typically dirty or have invisible sandy grit)
  • you can lay the disc shiny green/purple/blue data side down on clean paper. The purple/green/blue data side should be down (in a sleeve would be better) so that dust doesn't gather on it, but not more than 2 days.
  • do not get fingerprints or smudges on the data side of the disc. it will cause read errors. if you are trying to burn it may cause a corrupted disc. this can even happen when holding the disc by the edges... therefore try not to fill the disc to capacity: try for 80-90% capacity or multiply your max usage by 22/25.
  • avoid getting dust,scratches,smudges,fingerprints on the purple/green/blue data side.
  • If you get a Taiyo Yuden cdr, the silver side is the label side.
  • CLEANING: clean the disc with Windex (window cleaner), fingers, and cool running water. avoid heat. detergent causes visible pits. ahh - finally, a disc cleaning kit from venmill.
  • CD WALLETS: best to keep a disc in a sleeve or in a cd wallet (although I have found that cd wallets which are not loose-leaf and bound with a ring of some sort tend to scratch up the cd - don't go cheap). case-logic makes good stuff. a good cd wallet is the series like the Case Logic KSW-320 CD/DVD Wallet Case Logic KSW-320 CD/DVD Wallet if the wallet's leaves feel like or look like sandpaper, chances are it might act like sandpaper when compressed by lots of cd's. have one at home that made an impression/crosshatch pattern on the cd-r data-side plastic just from pressure - it was from a 64 or 128-cd wallet.

About Venmill disc resurfacing machines $800-$3000

The venmill buffing machines are very unique in that they do not remove any surface (except the Work-Mate pre-sander). They heat up the plastic surface and reform it by buffing, smooth it out. Great invention. Have you ever been to shop class in high school and you had a piece of plastic and you used it on a buffer and watched what happened to it? same principle. There is a liquid involved, probably for lubricant.

If you want to own one of the venmill machines for your collection because you scratch or dirty a lot of discs (or you have kids and a vast collection of kids DVD/Blu-Ray videos?), they cost around $150-$3000. PLC versions are available. (can be purchased directly from venmill)
venmill distributor.

The Venmill Hybrid 2.0 ($899) will repair or clean Blu-Ray discs.

there is a sanding machine for heavy scratches. the hybrid I guess does its work without removing surface, using a buffing technique. it is said that it makes it as good as new, and you can resurface as many times as needed.

So something like this is great if you have kids, a large kids video collection, and you can afford it, or you are a gamer, or a librarian, or run a video store, or a computer business and you have the cash.

These are desktop machines and require no special installation. They have consumables.

the venmill machines are desktop units. no special installation necessary,unless possibly you are doing the PLC version of the 3500. I think PLC stands for Programmable Logic Controller and is used for automation.

About RTI disc resurfacing machines $3200

discs that come out of RTI machines, even with heavy scratches, end up looking pristine. I was impressed. I did learn that it does take off some of the surface, but what it takes off isn't noticeable.

the machines cost about $3200 + installation costs, and probably you will need a sewer line, water line, and special electrical installation done for this machine.

About JFJ Easy Pro disc resurfacing machines $130

this is a sanding/polishing machine. gives wonderful-looking results, but removes some surface (though not much). There is a liquid involved, probably for lubricant. (can be purchased directly)

So something like this is great if you have kids, a large kids video collection, or you are a gamer, or a librarian, or run a video store, or a computer business.

These are desktop machines and require no special installation. They have consumables that can run about $120+ but probably last a while (1gal jug).