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Laptop Resources



This is the base page of the section of Laptop Resources.

The content you are looking for can be found via the navigation to your left ←. some of these folder index pages have content, but most like this one don't.

the Content in the navigation was meant to give DIY help to people looking to fix something on their laptop.

I can fix the following kinds of things on laptops:

  • connectivity issues on laptops
  • fix a software problem usually,either by reinstall or by tweaking something
  • reinstall a driver to make some non-functioning hardware work again
  • replace a dead wireless card possibly, but chances are if the laptop is that old, it's might to fail in a year
  • upgrade RAM
  • upgrade hard drive, possibly to faster (but more expensive) SSD - hard drives are scarce now due to shortage from thiland monsoonal flooding
  • upgrade OS (not something I recommend - usually there is a lack of required drivers to make things like USB and other stuff work)
  • make a batch file you can double-click to repair the filesystem(s) in the case of corruption over time or in case the computer is turned off hard

I cannot fix the following kinds of things on laptops:

I will basically refer you to the 1st link in the navigation to find a local manufacturer-autorized repair center in your area. In or out of warranty.

For Apple laptops, you need to go to an Apple store.

For the issues below, you need to take your laptop to an authorized laptop repair shop in town - maybe you can look it up in the phone book if they list.

  • repairing flaky/worn/broken ports
  • repairing the fan
  • cleaning the cpu cooler yearly/bi-yearly
  • repairing a broken power connector
  • repairing damage after the laptop has been dropped
  • repairing damage after liquid spills into the laptop
  • replacing a flaky/broken keyboard that doesn't put out the right characters
  • replacing a damaged screen or screen with horizontal/vertical lines or has silver/grey splat/blotch
  • repairing hinge damage
  • replacing the optical drive because it won't read discs or takes long time to read a good disc
  • data recovery (I MIGHT be able to do SOME data recovery if you are short on cash)