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looking for software?


software in general

If you are looking for software in general, I suggest my software list. it is categorized.

It handles everything from software engineering to cad to paint to web design and authoring to Office Suites.

Office Suites

If you are a family or a student on a budget and want a free office suite that's compatible with Microsoft Office, There are 4 based on

Thunderbird stopped working or acting weird because the Inbox is at 2GB?

I wrote an Inbox splitter utility to fix this problem. allows you to break the inbox up into multiple files, which staves off the problem until you need to split the inbox again.

Need a paint/photo program? Want layers & masks?

I package the GIMP Massive Package. has a lot of plugins installed (except the mac version, those are separate), and has not been updated since GIMP redesigned its plugin architecture and invalidated all the plugins (choice of whether to keep the nice plugins or go with the new software and have no plugins, so chose the former). I am still waiting patiently for GAP (will probably have to donate to get it). see the site for a feature list. by the way, to use a scanner, it's File, Create (doesn't make any sense to me either). you can get the latest version of GIMP here